Meaning of land tax in English:

land tax

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mass noun
  • Tax levied on landed property.

    ‘the rate of land tax remained high’
    • ‘payment was to be exacted through a land tax’
    • ‘But are they really going to say who is paying what tax, and reveal how much you could raise if you did a property tax or a wealth tax, or land tax?’
    • ‘Earlier this year the PSG provided clear guidance on dealing with the new stamp duty land tax in property transactions.’
    • ‘In line with the recommendations of the draft White Paper, the State Government introduced substantial payroll tax reform, and also made significant changes to land tax and stamp duty.’
    • ‘The states still had open to them income tax, land tax, and sales tax.’
    • ‘Indirect taxation was increasingly favored over the direct forms of land tax and subsidy that relied on amateur administration and the consent of the landowners.’
    • ‘At the moment, you must pay stamp duty land tax of 1% on properties worth between £60,001 and £250,000.’
    • ‘At a state government level, they have a windfall of stamp duty and land tax when there's a property boom.’
    • ‘He also failed to mention any increase in stamp duty land tax, even though this is likely - and is bound to upwardly affect the cost of commercial property transactions throughout our region.’
    • ‘Developers keen to sell will offer deals that include furnishings, 5% deposit and often stamp-duty land tax, so look around.’
    • ‘Stamp duty land tax may appear to be another golden goose for the Chancellor - the higher the value of the house, the higher the tax.’
    • ‘It is common ground that the scheme (if it works) uses certain exemptions from capital gains tax and development land tax available to overseas companies and charities.’
    • ‘The Government is also extending land tax to investment properties worth less than $400,000.’
    • ‘Not only that, but now we must pay land tax on all investment properties every year.’
    • ‘Moreover, if taxes on capital were relieved as a result of the increased land tax, the differential would be even greater.’
    • ‘I have not raised it with the parties but I pay land tax on property interests I have in New South Wales.’
    • ‘Revenues from land tax amounted to NT $6.13 billion, a hike of NT $1.9 billion.’
    • ‘The Parlement of Paris duly registered the decrees freeing the grain trade, commuting the corvee, and setting up the provincial assemblies, but they would not register the stamp duty or the land tax.’
    • ‘The Minister of Lands, Resettlement and Rehabilitation has announced that the proposed land tax will be introduced with effect from 1 April 2002.’
    • ‘The various levels of government in Canada, be they national, provincial, or municipal, do collect land tax, but almost inadvertently.’
    • ‘The result of imposition of land tax would be that agricultural proprietors would cease to work, since they would be more oppressed and vexed the more they produced.’