Meaning of land up with in English:

land up with

phrasal verb

  • land up with somethingEnd up with an unwelcome situation.

    ‘I landed up with three broken ribs’
    • ‘It's a vote for a smoother, wittier, more stylish world than the one we've landed up with: the chink of glass against glass and the devastating couplet.’
    • ‘Out of five pitches, however, we land up with one new client.’
    • ‘The merged firm will land up with two overlapping product sets that are difficult to integrate and a client set that will be unwilling to migrate.’
    • ‘Which genes we land up with and how they interact with our pre- and post natal environments is a lottery.’
    • ‘His ex-wife told Scotland on Sunday: ‘He landed up with a criminal conviction for assault.’’
    • ‘Conversely, the much maligned Campbell clambered off the bench and repeated the exercise to ensure RMI landed up with a goalless stalemate for the first time in the league this season.’
    • ‘So it is not necessary to give antibiotics, every time the child lands up with a cough, cold or wheezing.’
    • ‘Padding down the lighted street, Ria kicked an empty beer can and wondered how everyone else got such good lives and she landed up with such a rubbish family.’
    • ‘However, the debts that I shall run up with at uni are likely to be huge - the average student in 2003 is (calculated by the government) going to land up with a £15,000 debt.’
    • ‘Just as in a car, if we put the wrong fuel into our bodies, we land up with problems.’
    • ‘In my many years of experience as a beautician I have seen that many young girls land up with a bad skin mostly because they are ignorant of the basic care required.’
    • ‘If we are trying to ape the west, what we will land up with is a whole lot of emotional wrecks.’