Meaning of landfill in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlan(d)fɪl/

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mass noun
  • 1The disposal of waste material by burying it, especially as a method of filling in and reclaiming excavated pits.

    as modifier ‘landfill sites’
    • ‘Waste disposal by landfill accounts for over 80% of municipal waste in Britain.’
    • ‘It suggests increased recycling, composting and diversion of waste away from landfill sites through alternative methods of waste management.’
    • ‘This damage to our environment can be a direct result of improper disposal of such waste materials in landfill sites or directly into our water supply i.e. flushing medicines down the toilet.’
    • ‘There are but two types of waste demanding collection, and disposal at landfill sites, or controversially lately at incineration plants.’
    • ‘Bergin Waste Disposal is the Ballaghdreen based waste contractor operating this initiative in a drive to encourage more recycling and less waste disposal to landfill.’
    • ‘Disposal of domestic and industrial waste in landfill sites may expose local residents to dioxins and other chemicals.’
    • ‘The initiative was part of European Week for Safety and Health at Work, which focused this year on the risk posed by toxic chemicals that leak when mobile phones and batteries are buried in landfill sites.’
    • ‘Maybe it's time for local authorities to start up umbrella recycling schemes to return these instruments of torture to point of sale or, preferably, to bury them deep in landfill sites instead.’
    • ‘Some of the three million domestic refrigerators which are discarded every year in the UK used to be exported for re-use, re-conditioned or buried in landfill sites.’
    • ‘Most are buried in landfill sites, where they can take hundreds of years to degrade, but many litter urban areas, the countryside and the sea, where they can become a major hazard for wildlife.’
    • ‘The latest details come a week after it was revealed that 1,300 tonnes of paper, cans and plastic bottles have been buried in landfill sites.’
    • ‘Mr Appleby said many changes were coming in - and these included banning the disposal of tyres at landfill sites unless they are shredded.’
    • ‘He expected DIY shops and paint companies would donate unwanted stock, saving them the cost of paying for disposal at landfill sites.’
    • ‘The Director points out that the high cost of landfill disposal together with increased collection costs meant the increases were necessary.’
    • ‘The Guildhall is facing Government targets to double the amount of recycled waste by 2004 and to cut the city's reliance on landfill disposal.’
    • ‘We are all aware that landfill disposal causes water pollution and produces methane gas, causing climate change.’
    • ‘A similar survey carried out by IBEC in 1999 showed the average cost of disposing of a ton of waste to landfill was approximately £60.’
    • ‘Green campaigners say kerbside recycling is the best way to reduce landfill instead of garbage-guzzling waste plants.’
    • ‘In addition, he said the Government has imposed a landfill tax on the disposal of each ton of material at landfill.’
    • ‘These figures suggest that Sligo County Council are at present succeeding in diverting 80% of all domestic refuse away from landfill.’
    1. 1.1Waste material used in landfill sites.
      ‘our reusable packaging eliminates tons of landfill’
      • ‘We also look at a new National Packaging Covenant between industry, local councils and consumers, that should reduce the litter and waste to landfill created by packaging.’
      • ‘Half of this 20-acre site will be landfill with the remainder used for waste segregation, recycling and civic amenities.’
      • ‘It has also been revealed garden waste has been dumped in landfill because composting sites were unable to cope with the amount being collected.’
      • ‘Half a dozen might make a novelty set of drinks coasters, but a million amounts to about 17 tons of landfill.’
      • ‘The contracts, which lasted about 56 weeks, also saw 250,000 tonnes of clay from the nearby Far Ings site used as landfill.’
      • ‘A developer who got planning permission to build a golf course and then dumped several hundred thousand tonnes of landfill on the site only ever intended to create an illegal tip, it was claimed today.’
      • ‘They were furious that lorries could go to and from the site at a rate of one every five minutes to take tens of thousands of tonnes of rubble from the old mill to landfill on the site.’
      • ‘Speaking to friends and neighbours, I have yet to meet anybody who thinks we should keep on destroying our precious countryside by burying rubbish in landfill at the current rate.’
      • ‘Most of the earth moved was landfill, leftovers from the 1960s metro digs.’
      • ‘This is about 250,000 items, of which only a tiny proportion is re-used, most being scrapped or put into landfill.’
      • ‘Already the network claims to keep 20 tons of potential waste out of landfill every day.’
      • ‘The probability is that the remnants of a once proud fleet will end up as broken flotsam, landfill at the council dump.’
      • ‘It monitored the water and assessed the impact of leakage from landfill, sewage plants and septic tanks, and spreading agricultural fertilisers and chemicals on land.’
      • ‘This is in contrast to domestic rubbish, the vast bulk of which is dumped in landfill, and to human waste which requires treatment before being released into waterways.’
      • ‘In the absence of information on site or geological factors affecting emissions from landfill, we examined data for special waste sites as a proxy for potential hazard.’
      • ‘As we all know the Government has given the council a target to reduce landfill which is perfectly understandable.’
      • ‘We all have to work to reduce landfill by reducing the volume of our refuse.’
      • ‘As well as making homes warmer and quieter, the project could help to reduce landfill.’
      waste, debris, litter, garbage, discarded matter, detritus, dross, landfill, scrap, rubble, slag, spoilage, sullage, sewage, slop
    2. 1.2count noun An area filled in by landfill.
      ‘landfills will take up valuable space’
      • ‘In more remote areas, landfills and gravel pits ruin their fragile beauty.’
      • ‘Many prefer to develop landfills instead of turning outlying farmlands into new suburbs.’
      • ‘The second was that I was trained as a geologist and, in 1977, one of my first assignments was to map all the landfills in the Denver area.’
      • ‘These landfills are filling up and new ones can't be built.’
      • ‘In addition, killdeer, pipits and some shorebirds visit the grassy areas of landfills.’
      • ‘Why fill up our landfills or create more dioxins by incineration with this product that ends up in our trash?’
      • ‘The local authority has used an aircraft to provide thermal images of the area in order to pinpoint all the illegal landfills on the site which is used for legitimate quarrying by CRH.’
      • ‘Projects include approach roads to dumping yards, development of sanitary fills, small and medium composting landfills.’
      • ‘He said the biggest problem people had with landfills was the damage they caused to roads given the amount of trucks travelling to and from them.’
      • ‘The reason our garden waste is now being collected separately is because too much of it is going in landfills, causing pollution and filling them up unnecessarily.’
      • ‘What is more, these days a number of people who own landfills are taking the methane off them and burning it for electricity.’
      • ‘He also reviewed the progress of some World Bank-aided projects and the choking of drains by plastic waste and landfills in low-lying areas.’
      • ‘Once produced, plastic water bottles clog landfills and litter the landscape, and toxins in the plastic can find their way into ground water.’
      • ‘Open landfills had attracted negative publicity in the 1920s and 1930s and for the most part had been cleaned up.’
      • ‘The site has neighbors: two hazardous waste incinerators and one hazardous waste landfill.’
      • ‘The residue was sent off to a solid hazardous waste landfill, until they refused to accept it.’
      • ‘Haul paper containers to a sanitary landfill or burn them in an approved manner.’
      • ‘And an effort to create a new landfill in a remote area of Ontario was blocked by environmentalists.’
      • ‘Infectious waste must be treated before disposal in a municipal landfill.’
      • ‘Each season, thousands of these trees are dumped in a city wood landfill called Camp Small.’


[with object]
  • Bury in a landfill.

    ‘many tons of edible food are landfilled’
    • ‘landfilled waste’
    • ‘Now WRG is seeking approval from the Environment Agency for its plan to landfill the site in three phases over the next 10 years at a rate of 250,000 tonnes a year.’
    • ‘She said they were saving the county council from having to landfill a tonne of material every two months.’
    • ‘EU and Irish policy is to recover energy from residual waste rather than landfilling it directly.’
    • ‘The Government must do more to protect the public from poorly managed landfills and set tough targets to reduce the amount of hazardous waste that is landfilled.’
    • ‘The remaining 88% of our municipal waste was landfilled - often in small and inadequate facilities and that was a situation, Minister Cullen stressed, could not continue.’
    • ‘It aims to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill - almost 2 million tonnes of household and commercial/trade waste in 2001 was landfilled.’
    • ‘It should be remembered that when waste is landfilled that is not the end of the story.’
    • ‘Although landfill space is needed for York in the foreseeable future, we expect recycling and composting to increase substantially at this site, reducing the amount of waste landfilled.’
    • ‘A modern landfill is sited, designed, constructed, and operated to minimize generation of leachate, migration of leachate and LFG from the landfill, and exposure of landfilled waste to the environment and to disease vectors.’
    • ‘That leaves nearly a third of all old tires to be landfilled, stockpiled (due to landfill restrictions or prohibitive disposal costs), or illegally dumped.’
    • ‘Opponents also reasonably assert that U.S. and Michigan environmental controls on what's allowed to be landfilled are different and sometimes more stringent than Canadian standards.’
    • ‘So why is the UK still landfilling 81 percent of its domestic waste?’
    • ‘This hazardous waste will remain toxic for centuries when landfilled, a deadly legacy that could cause cancer and birth defects for generations to come.’
    • ‘The wastewater would then be mixed with other industrial waste, treated and then dumped into the Delaware River, and the solid waste product would be landfilled at the Dupont location.’
    • ‘The plant is expected to emit 60 to 65 percent of the CO2 produced by a conventional coal plant and eliminate 1.5 million pounds of waste that would otherwise be landfilled.’
    • ‘In fact, if committees were to recycle to the full extent, then only 12 per cent of our waste would have to be landfilled.’
    • ‘The facility, regarded as one of the best of its kind in the country, provides a practical alternative to landfilling household waste.’
    • ‘The cost of landfilling construction and demolition waste has increased dramatically in recent years and this cost is expected to grow.’
    • ‘That's why glass bottles have to be landfilled, and the same applies to tyres and computers.’
    • ‘Currently, about 80 per cent of computer PCBs are landfilled, with the remainder being sent to copper smelters where the metallic elements can be recovered.’