Meaning of landing net in English:

landing net

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  • A net for landing a large fish which has been hooked.

    ‘We told him of our catch and he gave us permission to use our landing net as a keep net for half a dozen fish for a photograph.’
    • ‘Laying the weigh net and fish in the landing net I wiped the scale face dry, then hoisted the fish on the hook.’
    • ‘If I got this fish in the landing net, I would be a happy angler.’
    • ‘Modern day carp poles are ideal for Irish fishing but remember to change the internal elastic for strong powergum as this will enable you to lift decent size fish without needing a landing net.’
    • ‘No line was given and apart from the fish shaking its head a few times, I just pumped the fish in towards the landing net.’
    • ‘Also, be wary of the fish thrashing in the landing net, causing the loose hook to snag the mesh.’
    • ‘It took some five minutes of heart stopping action to get the fish in the landing net.’
    • ‘He was sitting on a wicker basket and was holding a rod that seemed endless, whilst another rod lay beside him with a landing net and in the water an immensely long keep-net.’
    • ‘Smaller metal framed landing nets were then used to scoop out the fish to be examined and sorted.’
    • ‘We were the best part of a mile down from where it was hooked by now, but I knew that whatever it was, failing a mistake on my part, that fish was going to end up in the landing net.’
    • ‘Once I have a fish in the landing net, unless I need a picture of the fish, I keep the net in the water whenever possible.’
    • ‘Applying maximum pressure, I turned the fish and really bullied it into my landing net.’
    • ‘Just before noon Val indicated to me that she was into a good fish and would need help with the landing net.’
    • ‘My tackle was more than adequate and soon a nice fish was guided over the landing net.’
    • ‘Everything's aboard - electric trolling motor, bulging tackle box, six spinning rods, two landing nets, live bait in the twin wells, plenty of water, even chow and sunscreen.’
    • ‘Many fishers on Saturday and Sunday - the highest numbers being at Kirkwall Pier - used fishing rods and landing nets for their catches, but elsewhere round the coast the escapees were being picked out of rock pools as the tide went out.’
    • ‘A float, a box of swan shot, a big strong hook and a collapsible landing net, as used by trout anglers, that's all that is required.’
    • ‘Many river guides use landing nets but without the handle, holding each net-arm to scoop around the fish once it is played out.’
    • ‘When I looked, sure enough all you could see was landing nets stretching, there was always two or three in action at any one time.’
    • ‘These can easily get caught in the mesh of landing nets and sacks, causing untold damage.’