Meaning of landing pad in English:

landing pad


  • A small area designed for helicopters to land on and take off from.

    ‘It had its own helicopter landing pads and airstrip.’
    • ‘Local residents and a school objected to a helicopter landing pad and hangar being constructed on lands owned by Walsh in Kiltimagh.’
    • ‘The Sattahip base commander also said that one area was already identified for constructing a helicopter landing pad, and that the plans also call for a small barracks for pilots to recuperate between flights.’
    • ‘For any facility with a helicopter landing pad, a copy of the Federal Aviation Administration handbook should be a standard tool for all planning sessions.’
    • ‘The hostage takers have blocked access to helicopter landing pads and ports on the facilities.’
    • ‘A helicopter landing pad covered the roof, an underground port held space for watercraft, and a vacuuming doormat whisked dirt from visitors' shoes.’
    • ‘If she wants to go out she is chauffeured in a smaller private helicopter that can actually touch down on a retractable landing pad on the larger helicopter.’
    • ‘The plane is reported to have crashed on a helicopter landing pad.’
    • ‘A number of new tank tracks and trenches were noted around the site, large areas had been flattened and covered with debris, as was the fact that the helicopter landing pads had been sprayed with a petroleum product to keep down dust.’
    • ‘They provided an alternative for attracting attention for sea point disembarkation and with modification, could possibly be used as sight markers for helicopter landing pads.’
    • ‘Gravel has been brought in from elsewhere to make car parks and helicopter landing pads, contaminating the archaeological record.’
    • ‘The luxurious New Forest property boasts features from 14-carat gold painted radiators and silk tented ceilings to a space for a helicopter landing pad.’
    • ‘The refurbished site will house a five-storey privately funded hospital, with all acute services on the various floors as well as a helicopter landing pad on top.’
    • ‘The track's infield was used as a landing pad for helicopters.’
    • ‘The members were told that the lighting system at the helicopter landing pad, on the western breakwater, has broken down and must be replaced.’
    • ‘Coleman, a keen pilot, planned to refurbish and extend his sprawling pile, and was also reported to be keen on adding a helicopter landing pad.’
    • ‘The ship was huge, and he'd landed on one of the upper decks, one which doubled as a helicopter landing pad.’
    • ‘A Sailor recovers one of the landing pads used by Marine 1, the President's helicopter, when it touches down on the south lawn.’
    • ‘The plan is to demolish the hospital's main wing and rebuild it on the site of the present helicopter landing pad.’
    • ‘And if you cannot find the place by car, just take your helicopter - the hotel has its own landing pad.’