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landing stage


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mainly British
  • A platform, typically a floating one, on to which passengers from a boat disembark or cargo is unloaded.

    ‘However Bradford on Avon town council was this week positive about the plans, and believe the change of use of a platform behind St Margaret's Hall to a landing stage for boats and evening storage would be beneficial to the town.’
    • ‘The boat bumped alongside the landing stage near Shalimar Station.’
    • ‘A stone's throw from the hotel is a small landing stage and a tiny boat for six people.’
    • ‘Within the scheme, there is also provision for a boat landing stage, that could be readily used by people in punts and other river craft.’
    • ‘The road forks just before you reach the river and the best swims are to the right beyond the landing stage, although the landing stage itself is a goad peg.’
    • ‘When unloading the Aurora at Adelie Land, the men were shifting cases from the boats to the landing stage and a case of jam fell into the water.’
    • ‘No matter how well they control people in and around the shop, food will be taken away to be eaten on the Castle mound, in the park and on the landing stages, all outside houses.’
    • ‘Only incidentally did it become a landing stage where houses multiplied and barges moored.’
    • ‘The lake will be cleaned up and sediment removed and the lakeside landing stage and terrace will be repaired.’
    • ‘It owns a landing stage on the Hudson River which it plans to develop as a launch pad for the amphibious tours.’
    • ‘It is hard to explain the British love of them, but most were originally built as landing stages, as part of harbours, the construction of which may have been familiar to the Egyptians, Romans and the Greeks.’
    • ‘Mars shone brightly once again as we put to sea for the overnight sail into the Thames and debarkation at Tilbury, a landing stage downriver from London.’
    • ‘But all too soon the boat had chugged slowly past St Mark's Square, into the Grand Canal and up to the small landing stage a short amble from our hotel.’
    • ‘The day was fine, clear and most importantly, ‘still’ as we gathered at the Liverpool landing stage and waited to board the good ship ‘SS Royal Iris’ for the committal.’
    • ‘Next to it, there is an outhouse at the edge of the water and a small landing stage at the left of the island, where, moreover, the channel is bridged by a flimsy contraption, clearly a weir.’
    • ‘Before leaving the bay, we idle across to the landing stage for Skomer Island, so that Kate can make a brief diversion ashore and deliver the island's mail.’
    • ‘As railways took over and the canals sank into decline this one was moored here as part of a landing stage in the late 19th century, and forgotten.’
    • ‘One of the first jobs to be done was a repair to the landing stage.’
    • ‘They get to a landing stage and Jess and Ellie decide this is the place to feed the ducks.’
    • ‘We stepped into the immediate past through the curious Pucca Ghat: an elaborate landing stage on the river, built like an ostentatious mansion, a haveli.’
    harbour, berth, dock, jetty, landing stage, landing place, pier, quay, wharf, slipway, marina, anchorage, haven, platform