Meaning of landlubber in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlan(d)ˌlʌbə/

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  • A person unfamiliar with the sea or sailing.

    • ‘Hawk's Cay Marina, also a full-service resort for landlubbers, has a dolphin program geared just for the shorter species among us.’
    • ‘But thanks to today's weather-resistant fabrics, even a landlubber's deck can sail into the comfort zone.’
    • ‘The cleanup drew shoreside development, which, in turn, draws landlubbers to the waterfront every day.’
    • ‘Large or small, landlubbers or seafarers or both, hermit crabs have one feature in common: they generally spend their lives inside the empty shells of snails or other mollusks.’
    • ‘On board, her computer brings a regular flow of e-mails sent through the website that tracks her progress - messages from friends, sailors, landlubbers and schoolchildren.’
    • ‘As with sailors and landlubbers, a lot of people can't understand why we can't be satisfied with staying safely on the ground.’
    • ‘The landlubbers gathered at Gunwharf Quay and stepped aboard, nervously scanning the bright sky.’
    • ‘The two landlubbers have never sailed before in their lives, although they are no strangers to danger as they share a passion for kickboxing.’
    • ‘Also, we landlubbers called the Clearwater a schooner; it is a sloop.’
    • ‘The Enterprise is a vessel that defies the landlubber's imagination.’
    • ‘While the sunset is a moment for quiet reflection for landlubbers like me, for the seamen it is the time for extra vigilance.’
    • ‘The idea of those two landlubbers sloshing off in that old wreck gave him nightmares.’
    • ‘People who care about ships and boats consistently call them ‘she’; the average person who's a landlubber might call a boat an ‘it’, but never a sailor.’
    • ‘Ships' records, however, reveal this pioneering woman to have been a landlubber who was on board ship for just a month.’
    • ‘People who take to the water say they are happier than landlubbers, according to an online survey conducted by Impulse Research Corporation in December 2002 for the NMMA.’
    • ‘When a number of us landlubbers became quite seasick, Victor decided it would be funny to capture the experience on film and began taking photos of his employees tossing their cookies overboard.’
    • ‘While this DVD package would certainly be the answer to a shipwrecked castaways daily doldrums, most landlubbers will have difficulty finding their South Sea legs.’
    • ‘If building high-performance boats in the heart of the prairie seems unlikely, consider that most of the people making them are classic landlubbers, farmers to the core.’
    • ‘Quite astoundingly, some salesman had convinced these overweight landlubbers from Essex that a watch which could tell the time below sea level was a must and said something about the type of people they were.’
    • ‘Still, the result is an entertaining overview that can be recommended both to surfers and to landlubbers who appreciate the spectacle and have a fondness for the associated strand of American youth culture.’