Meaning of landmine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlan(d)mʌɪn/


  • An explosive mine laid on or just under the surface of the ground.

    ‘Most are the result of roadside bombs, landmines and rocket attacks on military camps.’
    • ‘We had all done a lot of training with explosives and landmines and things.’
    • ‘At the grave risk of committing sacrilege, let's tread some dangerous ground infested with landmines.’
    • ‘Those that do not explode lie on the ground like landmines, waiting for people to step on them.’
    • ‘I couldn't quite hear him because I stepped on a landmine and the explosion has made me deaf.’
    • ‘She has just stepped on a landmine and she is clinging to life.’
    • ‘The same application could be useful for disposing of unexploded bombs and landmines.’
    • ‘The Vulcan works by firing a projectile at high speed into a landmine, ripping it apart without detonating the explosives.’
    • ‘The area is still littered with landmines and unexploded ordnance.’
    • ‘According to Oxfam there are some 50 to 100 victims of landmines and unexploded ordnance every week.’
    • ‘Compared with landmines, unexploded ordnance is not only more visible, but also easier and cheaper to remove.’
    • ‘A team of experts will travel in May to clear landmines in Cambodia, one of the worst landmine contaminated areas in the world.’
    • ‘Any additional sponsorship we get will go to Mine Action Group who clear landmines around the world.’
    • ‘Officials say one of the Marines apparently stepped on a huge landmine made of old artillery shells.’
    • ‘It can be placed either on the ground next to the munitions or directed at the landmine mounted on a simple wire frame.’
    • ‘They hit a landmine, and after the explosion, insurgents came at them with small arms fire.’
    • ‘The archeological team had to be very careful in unearthing the ruins in case a landmine was buried under the surface.’
    • ‘It stirs up so many emotions which are still buried just beneath the surface, rather like the landmine that took my foot.’
    • ‘They have been desperate to avoid setting off an array of landmines with hair triggers.’
    • ‘None of you were massively keen on the idea of remotely triggered landmines.’