Meaning of landownership in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlandˌəʊnəʃɪp/


See landowner

‘But it would probably be good to balance that with your own experience: When property stays your own when you move off the land, how do you draw the land to massive absentee landownership?’
  • ‘Asked to explain why he felt a land reform bill was necessary, he said it was needed to reverse the decline of the Highlands caused by the historic pattern of landownership.’
  • ‘Increase in non-resident landownership, disappearance of certain town industries, and growth in residential, recreational, commercial, and other intensive uses of land, also were responsible.’
  • ‘George recognizes not only that the practice of private landownership has long enjoyed legal and social sanction, but also that present owners have in numerous cases purchased their holdings with capital acquired by acceptable means.’
  • ‘So even from a standpoint of social utility, the criterion according to which Ryan proclaims private landownership to be a natural right, the Georgist approach would seem empirically to be at least as capable of vindication.’