Meaning of landplane in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlandpleɪn/


  • An aircraft which can only operate from or alight on land.

    ‘This need for the highest-quality training continued even after WWII as the airline pushed the envelope with landplanes to serve Earth's hidden corners.’
    • ‘Lufthansa's ultimate pre-war transatlantic operations were conducted by four-engine Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor landplanes.’
    • ‘What is claimed to have been the first landing of a landplane at Catalina took place on a road graded by the Hugh Smith Construction Company near Rancho Escondido.’
    • ‘D-2271 was eventually converted to a landplane and named Hamburg and it eventually was transferred to Syndicato Condor where it was registered PP-CAU with the name Tocantins.’
    • ‘One skid-steer loader manufacturer offers a scarifier that can be used alone or with a bucket, a landplane, or a grader to boost productivity.’
    • ‘They give us the fastest, most powerful landplane yet created.’
    • ‘He also had a Travel Air 4000 on floats and a Fairchild 22 landplane at Boeing Field.’