Meaning of landscape history in English:

landscape history


mass noun
  • The history of the rural landscape, as determined from visible features, ecological and archaeological evidence, and documentary records.

    ‘Furthermore Dyer continues to pursue his interest in local history, in landscape history and in archaeology.’
    • ‘Since its purchase in 1991, experts in architecture, history, archaeology, landscape history, and Victorian interior design have combined forces to recreate the authentic look of a sophisticated 1860s Georgia household.’
    • ‘Cunliffe demonstrates his interdisciplinary skills in introductory chapters on myth, archaeology, geography, and landscape history.’
    • ‘In his later years he developed a keep interest in popularizing his particular brand of landscape history, and between 1976 and 1978 made a number of programmes for television which made him a household name.’
    • ‘It was an exercise in landscape history before gravel quarrying and roadworks east of Kettering and Wellingborough destroyed the evidence.’
    • ‘If the user clicks on ‘geographical,’ this leads to a choice of further information on ‘visual’ and ‘documentary’ details about landscape history.’
    • ‘British environmental history is still in its infancy, but historical geography and landscape history have a long tradition.’
    • ‘If you were studying landscape history in upstate New York, you could use these reports to track the yield data across the last quarter of the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Effectively, these sites are a fingerprint of economic activity and they will help us to complete the final part of the project which will be to write an economic and landscape history of England from the 7th to the 10th century.’
    • ‘Overall, the landforms are governed by the interrelationships between climate, lithology, and past landscape history.’
    • ‘He has been inspired by geology, topography, landscape history.’
    • ‘With commentary from Simon Stoddart, the collection becomes a new and useful survey on seventy-five years of research, dedicated to a new generation of scholars examining new fields of research like landscape history.’
    • ‘Mark Laird, a historic landscape consultant who works on preservation projects in North America and Europe, teaches landscape history at the University of Toronto.’
    • ‘That uncertainty and dramatic changes are part of the earth's landscape history is of little consolation to those who have lost their lives, loved ones, livelihoods and belongings.’
    • ‘For a work on landscape history written in the tradition of Oliver Rackham, see Diego Moreno.’
    • ‘Every scholar of Mediterranean landscape history will want to see it.’
    • ‘We were to try a different, geoarchaeological approach by looking at the landscape history of the steep escarpment slope on which the figure had been made.’
    • ‘He currently is writing Contesting Gettysburg, a landscape history of the Gettysburg National Military Park.’