Meaning of landside in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlan(d)sʌɪd/


often as modifier
  • The side of an airport terminal to which the general public has unrestricted access.

    Contrasted with airside

    ‘the landside length of the building’
    • ‘YRM prepared 3D computer panoramic views of the spaces within the landside and airside lounges in the airport terminal.’
    • ‘It's covered parking directly connected to the landside terminal by an overpass over the airport pickup/drop-off lanes.’
    • ‘The contract for the new access roads, car parks and the services to the landside of the terminal building is progressing more effectively, according to the Airport Development Engineer.’
    • ‘From landside to airside was a direct walk from your car, or the coach, through the terminal to your plane, which was in view.’
    • ‘On the landside of the main room, where people pass from front door to bedroom corridor, are more sliding doors opening into a sunken court.’
    • ‘We cleared the space and relocated all air carriers from the landside terminal out to their respective airside terminals.’
    • ‘It said Terminal 2 had a limited number of shops and food outlets landside and that Terminal 3 had no shops at all.’
    • ‘This company selected through global bidding firms for the airside and landside work and the passenger terminal building.’
    • ‘With the reorganization of the shipping industry has come larger ships that require deeper channels, longer berths, bigger cranes, more and reconfigured terminal space, and improved landside connections.’


  • On or to the landside of an airport terminal.

    • ‘a new executive lounge has opened airside’