Meaning of language area in English:

language area


  • 1Physiology
    The area of the cerebral cortex thought to be particularly involved in the processing of language.

    ‘the language areas of the left cerebral hemisphere’
    • ‘You go from the visual areas and the right and the left hemisphere and you go and you activate the frontal areas and the language areas, and what are called the temporal lobe and parietal lobe, you find a whole different pattern of activation.’
    • ‘Further investigation turned up an inherited neurological condition - complex partial seizures - which affects the language area in the brain.’
    • ‘The dyslexic brain is arranged differently, she added, with the language area of it being larger than that of people without dyslexia.’
    • ‘So, most people have a language area on the left side of the brain, which also deals with logic and usually controls the dominant hand.’
    • ‘Whether this is due to decreased plasticity in the auditory cortex or in the language areas of the cortex is not known.’
  • 2A region where a particular language is spoken.

    ‘The market has developed on the back of international clients needing to adapt their software whenever they enter a new market or language area.’
    • ‘Rallies offer several hundred women at a time the rare opportunity to leave behind their family and community responsibilities for a week and to express solidarity with women from different tribal and language areas.’
    • ‘First, we find that as chiefdoms began to overtake sedentary tribes, so the size of language areas begin to increase again.’