Meaning of lankly in English:



See lank

‘Hmmm, I guess what I'm seeing now is how he'd really look without the help of on-screen make-up, and with what's left of his hair uncombed and flapping lankly.’
  • ‘He was very tall and muscular and bronzed and lightly tattooed, with long blond hair that hung lankly down his back.’
  • ‘He has grown up into a lean, furtive young man; his hair flopping lankly over a sharp fox's nose.’
  • ‘Most, actually, were barefoot and clad only in cotton hospital gowns, their stringy hair clinging lankly to their foreheads.’
  • ‘Her hair, which normally hung lankly over her shoulders, was all fluffed out and piled up on top of her head like that of some Greek goddess.’