Meaning of lanky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlaŋki/

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adjectiveadjective lankier, adjective lankiest

  • (of a person) ungracefully thin and tall.

    ‘He is lanky and a brilliant artist as well as being excellent at crosswords.’
    • ‘There seems to be a blind faith in the lad because he's lanky and he makes the ball bounce.’
    • ‘While Ethan was rather short and more fit, Brook was tall, thin, and lanky.’
    • ‘Revel, my bearded guide, is so unashamedly laid back his tall, lanky frame spends most of the time in the horizontal.’
    • ‘A tall, lanky, freakish man with floppy blonde hair was trying to get passed me, so I moved out of his way and gave him a smile.’
    • ‘Uncle Mac was a practical joker, a tall lanky man who loved to have children around him.’
    • ‘The knifeman is described as white, in his early 20s, tall, lanky and was wearing a white or cream coat.’
    • ‘The short fat one grew up in Shettleston, the tall lanky one in Canada.’
    • ‘He was very tall and lanky and had flowing blonde hair and really piercing blue eyes.’
    • ‘The man with the knife is described as white, in his early twenties, tall, lanky and was wearing a white or cream coat.’
    • ‘Weed removal had to be done by hand, to help the tall and lanky plant to grow well.’
    • ‘He was tall and lanky, with small round glasses and a close cap of thick curls.’
    • ‘Isaac stood up tall, stretching his lanky legs and walking forward as if to lead the group away.’
    • ‘Within hours of meeting the local kids I was shown her photo by a tall lanky boy.’
    • ‘She and Kyle were twins but he was tall and lanky and she was short and chubby.’
    • ‘Tall and lanky with balding hair he reminded me of the boring intellectual types.’
    • ‘She looked up at him in fear, he was tall and lanky and she felt small and miserable sitting in his shadow.’
    • ‘The man was extremely tall and lanky with dark, heavy bags under his eyes and long shaggy hair.’
    • ‘He was tall and lanky, with wisps of blond hair sticking out from under his cap.’
    • ‘They are an odd couple - Hardin thin, lanky and quiet, Russell well-built and extrovert.’
    tall, thin, slender, slim, lean, lank, skinny, spindly, spare, gangling, gangly, scrawny, skeletal, scraggy, emaciated, size-zero, bony, gaunt, raw-boned, gawky, rangy, skin-and-bones, angular, pinched, attenuated
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