Meaning of lantana in English:



  • A tropical evergreen shrub of the verbena family, several kinds of which are cultivated as ornamentals.

    Genus Lantana, family Verbenaceae: many species, in particular the South American scrambler L. camara, grown as an ornamental and sometimes becoming a serious weed

    ‘The monarch-attracting butterflyweed, verbena, lantana, ornamental grass, dietes, daylilies, black elephant ears and white-topped sedge set a natural stage for the water.’
    • ‘Should I trim verbena and lantana to encourage flowering?’
    • ‘John, who lives at Sunset Beach, says his colourful front garden - full of bougainvillea, roses and lantanas - will give Steve's tropical paradise a run for its money.’
    • ‘My lantanas have leathery-feeling leaves and white spots.’
    • ‘My lantanas bloomed beautifully for about two months, then shut down.’



/lanˈtɑːnə/ /lanˈteɪnə/


Modern Latin, from the specific name of the wayfaring tree Viburnum lantana, which it resembles superficially.