Meaning of lantern jaw in English:

lantern jaw



  • A long, thin jaw and prominent chin.

    ‘He was tall and lean and bald, with a square lantern jaw and extremely dark skin that shimmered in the sweltering heat.’
    • ‘The huge man's head seemed tiny in comparison to his heavily-muscled body and it sported a lantern jaw, features that might have been carved from stone and dead eyes of the same shade as the smaller hammer man.’
    • ‘The stern tone of Hoss' voice and the way his lantern jaw was hardening caused the mouth Adam had just opened in protest to shut again without uttering a word.’
    • ‘Despite his lantern jaw and fearsome glare, Yao is quite affable, with passable English and a coachable personality.’
    • ‘And there's the lantern jaw that on this chilly, gray, rainy day in Dallas was creased with a cherubic smile.’
    • ‘His prideful, haughty expression was reinforced by is strong chin and lantern jaw.’
    • ‘Another agent was sprawled limply by the auditorium door, and Bill, his lantern jaw outthrust, was grimly holding off the three attackers with his revolver.’
    • ‘Tall and rangy with a shock of black hair that shaded his ocean-blue eyes, a handsome, chiseled face and a long, lantern jaw, he was not only a great street fighter, he was a great lady's man.’
    • ‘In the center of the ring, Ellis continually beat the exasperated Quarry to the punch, landing right-hand leads to Quarry's lantern jaw during the infrequent exchanges that took place.’
    • ‘Those aristocratically fleshy noses, the lantern jaws - and don't even get me started on those chins.’
    • ‘They are huge, silvery fish with lantern jaws, almost prehistoric in design.’