Meaning of lanugo in English:


Pronunciation /ləˈnjuːɡəʊ/


mass noun
  • Fine, soft hair, especially that which covers the body and limbs of a human fetus.

    ‘Their face and body are covered in soft hair called lanugo.’
    • ‘Nails and hair become brittle; the skin dries, yellows, and becomes covered with soft hair called lanugo.’
    • ‘Five months after conception, human fetuses grow a thin coat of hair, called lanugo, all over their bodies.’
    • ‘Although dry pups in lanugo are probably able to maintain their body temperature in cold weather, it does not appear they can do so if wet.’
    • ‘The first to develop is the lanugo, a layer of downy, slender hairs that begin growing in the third or fourth month of fetal life and are entirely shed either before or shortly after birth.’


Late 17th century from Latin, ‘down’, from lana ‘wool’.