Meaning of Laotian in English:


Pronunciation /leɪˈəʊʃn/


  • Relating to or characteristic of Laos or its inhabitants.

    ‘mountains near the Laotian border’
    • ‘There was a delicate wicker sculpture and photographs by the Laotian artist.’
    • ‘Laotian children may fear ghosts, but, growing up among Buddhist principles and culture, they don't even flinch at the sight of a mummy.’
    • ‘The huge selection of main dishes with rice incorporated pork, chicken, beef and, of course, seafood—a staple of Thai and Laotian cooking.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Laos.

    ‘the Laotians are still partying hard’
    • ‘The Laos culture has a unique foundation that has left the Laotians with their relaxed attitude.’
    • ‘She has seen a transformation as the children of Cambodians and Laotians enrolled in college and the groups got more active.’
    • ‘Laotians eat everyday foods to ring in the new year.’