Meaning of lap joint in English:

lap joint


  • A joint made by halving the thickness of each member at the joint and fitting them together.

    ‘In addition, it's easier to obtain the required 8 in. lap joint when the two 10 ft. links are placed together on the back-up block.’
    • ‘Unlike building cabinets and shelves, making humanoid sculpture requires screwing boards together at wild angles, which means that traditional joinery, like butt joints and lap joints don't usually come into play.’
    • ‘After the surface has been thoroughly dried, apply one coat of a paintable water repellent preservative or water repellent to the bare wood, being careful to liberally treat end and lap joints.’
    • ‘On the bridge, Heartland Wood & Cork Flooring installed the walnut planks at a 90-degree angle, with lap joints at the centre line.’
    • ‘This tape had lap joints with holes which would enable the user not only to create angles, but by placing nails into the holes, secure those angles.’
    • ‘‘A lot of owners complain that the material keeps leaking out on their paint from around rivets and lap joints,’ Van Gilder says.’