Meaning of lapa in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɑːpə/


South African
  • A courtyard or similar enclosure, especially the first of two courtyards in a traditional Sotho homestead.

    ‘Board members, management and staff of the zoo, and guests from Bird Life South Africa and Sasol, gathered at a lapa adjoining the Sasol Wing of the bird enclosure, for the official launch of the booklet on 9 June.’
    • ‘Here, on 2.8 hectares of prime real estate in Orlando West, people can rent one of the 10 self-catering bushveld-style lapas - available for the day - or hold conferences or functions.’
    • ‘Seating is offered under the lapas, around the bar (on unique lavatory seats), indoors or out in the garden.’
    • ‘Cane chairs and tables are a favourite item in Namibian lapas.’
    • ‘It's close to Windhoek, has a gorgeous view, a huge lapa and Houalet is prepared to go to extreme lengths to cater for any event and make it perfect!’
    • ‘In the middle of the bush near Kruger National Park we sat down to dinner under the stars - a lapa organised by Kapama private game reserve.’
    • ‘In the centre of the lapa the mopane wood fire curled off its glorious smell of tropical Africa, and David crunched an iron pot into the embers - he was making his delicious mealie bread for a late night snack.’
    • ‘As you approach the place, you find men seating on chairs - all eating meat from the convenience of a thatch roof lapa.’
    yard, courtyard, quadrangle, square, close, enclosure, precinct, esplanade


From Sotho lelapa.