Meaning of lapidify in English:


Pronunciation /ləˈpɪdɪfʌɪ/

verbverb lapidifies, verb lapidifying, verb lapidified

[with object] rare
  • Change (organic matter) into a stony substance; petrify.

    ‘a gorgon whose visage lapidifies those who confront her directly’
    • ‘His blood stayed in him, seeming to lapidify.’
    • ‘This wood had certainly not been lapidified by the water of the lake.’
    • ‘The aqueous solution has lapidified the softer materials.’
    • ‘Usually the central portion is lapidified, while the outward layers are unchanged.’
    • ‘It is only the inferior and more siliceous beds that are lapidified.’
    ossified, fossilized


Mid 17th century from French lapidifier, from medieval Latin lapidificare, from Latin lapid-, lapis ‘stone’.