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Pronunciation /ˈlɑːdə/

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  • A room or large cupboard for storing food.

    ‘Before the days of refrigerators, when fresh food was stored in larders, Limax species were often encountered congregating around the rim of a milk jug or slithering over the Sunday joint of beef on the larder shelf.’
    • ‘She stored food in a walk-in larder, which was a heck of a lot colder than the fridge.’
    • ‘On the ground floor there four reception rooms, a kitchen with fitted units, a separate utility room and two larders with traditional stone shelves.’
    • ‘I never did get a big cast-iron cooking range for this house but I have my larder stocked with good food and that's a large part of my comfort blanket mentality taken care of.’
    • ‘Apparently, Leap had overestimated the amount of fresh food left in her larder and the chain on Archie's bicycle had come off as he set off for the grocer's.’
    • ‘Leaves should be cut to about 10 cm from the shoulder of the bulb, then tied with raffia and hung in bunches in a dry room such as a larder.’
    • ‘There's good food in the larder, and in the fridge, and we have a movie to watch if we get bored.’
    • ‘The latest must-have fridge is not really a fridge at all but a walk-in cold room - basically, the equivalent of an old-fashioned larder or pantry.’
    • ‘This occurred because individuals with relatively low rates of loss of larder-hoarded items were able to build up large defensible stores in their larders and, therefore, had very high reproductive success.’
    • ‘The main problem, as with so many other species, is that we tend to be fishing relatively sparsely populated lakes, which have huge natural food larders.’
    • ‘Now with a family of three, Paul having arrived in 1997, Kate wanted to keep clutter to a minimum and so chose to have two built-in floor to ceiling larders rather than cupboards over counter tops.’
    • ‘Well what did I do I here you all eagerly asking well what do you do in this situation good old pasta after all don't we all tend to have some lying around somewhere in the depths of our larders or cupboards.’
    • ‘She sleeps under the porch and steals food from the larder.’
    • ‘The list can be tallied at your local grocery store and your larder restocked with a regular weekly delivery.’
    • ‘Rogers mentions that there is plenty of food in the larder, so they don't have to worry about supplies.’
    • ‘Cellars and larders are treasure troves here and, inland at least, supermarkets are unheard of.’
    • ‘While the Cologne fossil is the oldest food store yet discovered, two other ancient larders have been found in slightly more recent deposits in Nebraska.’
    • ‘While many of us do not have cool larders, we all have cupboards that can be filled with packets and jars of food ready simply to be opened and then quickly cooked for a more personalised - and certainly more tasty - meal.’
    • ‘The day after the funeral, Wesley and Chad filled their saddlebags with food stolen from their home larders and set off on a long ride.’
    • ‘The concept is fantastically simple: you control Caesar, making him jump about the shelves in the larder catching the mice before they eat the food.’
    pantry, storage room, storeroom, store, food store, cupboard
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Middle English (denoting a store of meat): from Old French lardier, from medieval Latin lardarium, from laridum (see lard).