Meaning of Largactil in English:


Pronunciation /lɑːˈɡaktɪl/


mass nountrademark in UK
  • proprietary term for chlorpromazine

    ‘I remember my mother grinding up tablets of Largactil (the major tranquilliser chlorpromazine) to put in his tea in the hope of dampening his florid auditory hallucinations.’
    • ‘However, Healy also notes that chlorpromazine was initially named Largactil precisely because it covered a large range of nervous conditions.’
    • ‘Yes, Chlorpromazine… Largactil but that kind of medication really is not appropriate for autism.’
    • ‘Later, I realized that it was the side effects of the Largactil.’
    • ‘A nurse, Mark Huxstep, described how another nurse ignored warnings and injected a detainee with twice the maximum adult dosage of Largactil, an anti-psychotic drug.’
    • ‘One of the two nurses on duty rang a local doctor who prescribed 100 mg of Largactil, a powerful antipsychotic.’


1950s of unknown origin.