Meaning of large-breasted in English:


(also large-bosomed)


  • (of a woman) having large breasts.

    ‘a large-breasted sex symbol’
    • ‘I come from a long line of large-breasted women.’
    • ‘My mother was once in a restaurant with a table full of men being served by a large-breasted waitress.’
    • ‘A large-breasted woman tried to bribe the police with wads of cash hidden in her bra.’
    • ‘Are there any places that sell fancy lingerie for the overly large-breasted women?’
    • ‘It is possible that in large-breasted women the force of gravity could stretch the ligaments that hold breast tissue in place.’
    • ‘He also sculpts figures of large-breasted, rotund women.’
    • ‘It's always been a joke that the Victoria's Secret catalogue has fewer women buyers than men, who are lured by the gaggle of large-breasted supermodels flaunting sexy underwear.’
    • ‘Apart from strap-related pain, many females, particularly large-breasted women, are restricted from participating in physical activity due to exercise-induced breast pain.’
    • ‘Like blondes, the large-breasted are pegged as dumb.’
    • ‘He was seen smiling as a large-breasted woman in a Hustler T-shirt inched her bosom toward his skinny face.’
    • ‘Jennifer considered that she had all the necessary physical attributes to do this job - she was young, pretty, large-breasted, not overweight and had long hair.’
    • ‘There is some dancing, and a job-lot of large-breasted and scantily clad women are cavorting around with their consorts.’
    • ‘Large-breasted, narrow-waisted women have the highest reproductive potential, according to a new study.’
    • ‘The number of large-breasted women in low-cut tops and tight skirts is telling of the audience at which the game is aimed.’
    • ‘She plays his perky, large-breasted blonde girlfriend Mindi.’
    • ‘Most of the people have come for the purpose of drinking a virtual river of tequila and ogling the large-breasted women who will take part in the Wet T-Shirt Contest.’
    • ‘Round-hipped, large-breasted women danced down the way with their arms wrapped round men skinny as dingos.’
    • ‘In his later books incredibly beautiful and large-breasted women fall in love with old science professors repeatedly.’
    • ‘The cafe employs only attractive large-breasted women as waitresses.’
    large-breasted, big-breasted, full-breasted, heavy-breasted, bosomy, large-bosomed, big-bosomed, full-bosomed