Meaning of larney in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɑːni/


(also larnie)
informal South African
  • Suggesting wealth and high status; smart and elegant.

    • ‘a really larney dinner party’
    • ‘I always knew it as the Southernwood Quarry when I was a boy and rode around the area on my bicycle, but Selborne is much more larney and marketable!’
    • ‘The clothes can be larney as in ‘Gee, you are wearing larney clothes’ or ‘Why are you dressed so larney?’ or a high-class dinner do as in ‘We went to a larney party that had caviar for pudding.’’
    • ‘The prize, a very nice one too… two nights bed and breakfast at Fancourt, the larney golf estate outside George, with four rounds of golf thrown in for good measure.’
    • ‘At most of the larney lodges, drinks, game drives, hot-air balloon trips, short safaris, etc. are all billed as extras.’
    smart, stylish, upmarket, fancy, high-class, fashionable, chic, luxurious, luxury, deluxe, exclusive, select, sumptuous, opulent, lavish, grand, rich, elegant, ornate, ostentatious, showy

nounplural noun larneys, plural noun larnies

(also larnie)
South African
  • 1 informal, derogatory A white man.

    • ‘he spoke like a larney and was more European than the Europeans’
    1. 1.1 informal An employer or a member of the upper classes.
      • ‘In Short Changed, Rhodes students and lively young actors from Grahamstown's Eluxolweni Shelter for Children tell a story about ordinary community folk and the larneys who make important decisions on their behalf.’


From Isicamtho (a South African urban argot) lani(e) ‘white man’, of unknown ultimate origin; perhaps related to Malay rani ‘rich’.