Meaning of laryngologist in English:


Pronunciation /ˌlarɪŋˈɡɒlədʒɪst/


See laryngology

‘One then becomes an expert dermatologist, an expert laryngologist, and expert alienist, and expert oculist, an expert internist, and expert diagnostician.’
  • ‘Dysphonic professional voice users should be referred to the voice clinic, run jointly by a laryngologist and a speech and language therapist.’
  • ‘Baseline data were recorded after eligibility had been assessed and consent had been obtained by the laryngologist.’
  • ‘I was forced to cancel work, and the laryngologist said that I was ‘extremely sensitive, and basically allergic to smoke’.’
  • ‘The laryngologist told me to stay away from smoke as I was basically ‘allergic’ to it.’