Meaning of lash down in English:

lash down

phrasal verb

  • (of rain) fall very heavily.

    ‘when I awoke the rain was lashing down’
    • ‘ it lashed down incessantly for the first four hours of the match’
    • ‘Thunder rolled in the distance, the rain lashed down.’
    • ‘The 12 th of November was bitterly cold with icy showers of rain lashing down over the City.’
    • ‘The main problem was the rain, which lashed down at around 6.30 am.’
    • ‘On Tuesday night, rain lashed down with rare ferocity.’
    • ‘The rain was lashing down from the dark clouds over Wimbledon Common.’
    • ‘Rain has lashed down all day, saturating the lush landscape.’
    • ‘When the rains began to lash down, the water just pooled.’
    • ‘But the rain lashing down did not dampen their spirits as they went in search of a goal to prolong their World Cup dream.’
    • ‘But the rain was lashing down and we knew the only way to cheer ourselves up was to have some comfort food.’
    • ‘As the rain lashed down, the monarch, appropriately dressed in a fawn raincoat, used a transparent umbrella to stay dry.’
    pour, pour down, pelt down, tip down, teem down, beat down, lash down, sheet down, come down, come down in sheets, come down in torrents, rain cats and dogs