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  • Denoting the last thing or person of a number mentioned.

    ‘the last-mentioned problem has more general implications’
    • ‘The last-mentioned space, a history pathway called the Walk Through Time, constitutes the spine of the exhibition.’
    • ‘The last-mentioned tribe are very probably the Abnaki, or a part of them.’
    • ‘It was at one of the last-mentioned places of resort that the stir we speak of commenced.’
    • ‘The four last-mentioned islands resemble in many respects some of the islands in the Red Sea, which will presently be described.’
    • ‘It is uniformly found that precisely those ideas which provoke these last-mentioned reactions are of particular value in discovering the forgotten material.’
    • ‘They then went on board the last-mentioned ship and sailed for the West Indies.’
    • ‘During the last-mentioned engagement he acted as aide-de-camp to Lord Gough.’
    • ‘The last-mentioned problem has more general implications.’
    • ‘The last-mentioned reports are not in evidence.’
    • ‘In all the Tartar's actions her casualties were much lighter than those of her opponents, but on the last-mentioned occasion Lockhart himself was severely wounded.’
    • ‘On the last-mentioned voyage he caught a fever, and nearly died in that city.’
    • ‘This last-mentioned circumstance gave him further courage, and he looked more steadily than before at the figure in the sand-pit.’
    • ‘At this house he also revived The Private Secretary and Charley's Aunt, but without much success, and his acting career ended with the run of the last-mentioned play in 1901.’
    • ‘It was through being able to greet people in the last-mentioned language that she learned an important lesson in the goodwill that is created by speaking to people in their mother tongue.’
    • ‘To illustrate this point for the Cambridge students, Cornell asked the last-mentioned medium, in a sorrowful voice, if he could tell him anything about his mother.’
    • ‘And now we find the last-mentioned lady with her elbow resting upon Mary Kearney's piano, and feeling her hair with the tips of her fingers.’
    • ‘In all three of these last-mentioned plays, young women are the ultimate victims of what Middleton depicts as a general tendency to substitute commercial values for other methods of measuring human worth.’
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