Meaning of last but not least in English:

last but not least


  • Last in order of mention or occurrence but not of importance.

    ‘last but not least Gary in midfield has been brilliant’
    • ‘last, but by no means least, much still needs to be done to improve public attitudes’
    • ‘And last but not least, we've finally scheduled the next several shows!’
    • ‘And last but not least, the president has been issuing executive orders that have been implementing many of the ideas.’
    • ‘The components of the parrot cage is the last but not least of the important aspects when buying parrot cages.’
    • ‘And last but not least, the investigation was closed with unseemly haste.’
    • ‘And last but not least when planning permission was granted, all the residents of the building should have been informed and given a period in which to complain.’
    • ‘And last but not least, there were the merchandise stalls that popped up between the chicken foot and polyester tracksuit outlets along the street.’
    • ‘And last but not least, you know, when somebody has that type of a debilitating disease, they feel they need to work, they have to work.’
    • ‘And last but not least, what about patient care?’
    • ‘And last but not least, I did not receive a text message from the ex.’
    • ‘And last but not least, I've become depressed, noncommittal, and grossly pessimistic.’