Meaning of last chance in English:

last chance


  • A final opportunity to achieve or acquire something.

    ‘a last chance to snap up bargains’
    • ‘last-chance peace proposals’
    • ‘The exhibition will be the last chance to see the terminal in its original glory.’
    • ‘The trading statement is the last chance the company has of publicly influencing attitudes towards its shares.’
    • ‘Analysts said that filing for bankruptcy is a "last chance" action.’
    • ‘Okay, Spike, this was your last chance.’
    • ‘This was their last chance to either impress me, or convince me to give up.’
    • ‘The stakes are high for Thanksgiving dinner, which represents April and her mother's last chance to reconcile.’
    • ‘This could very well be my last chance.’
    • ‘When they miss their last chance and the case goes cold, the audience feels the disappointment and tragedy as keenly as Detective Bayliss does.’
    • ‘This is your last chance to register.’
    • ‘The tone is almost aggressive, as if he and she both know this is it - his last chance.’
    • ‘Naturally, when given one last chance, they completely mess it up and find themselves fired.’
    • ‘Erich represents her last chance at being happy, of rediscovering life within the death and despair of war.’
    • ‘All the members of the family plead with her to give the marriage a last chance but she will have none of it.’
    • ‘As it happened, it would be his last chance to rest for some time.’
    • ‘Back home Churchill swept into power as a last-chance leader.’
    • ‘The pictures and stories generated by the expedition told a riveting story of a last-chance opportunity to preserve an irreplaceable corner of Earth.’
    • ‘If you're considering surfing the Web for a last-chance loan, watch out for sharks.’
    • ‘A last-chance operation brings Henry new life, and the two marry.’
    • ‘The USA just held off the Canada on the line to progress straight to the final while Britain, who rowed home 12 seconds later, must now race in Tuesday's last-chance repechage.’
    • ‘Having exhausted all of the standard treatments, he signed up for a last-chance experimental-treatment program.’
    last-minute, last-chance, eleventh-hour, last-resort, desperate, frantic, frenzied, wild, struggling, straining, final, extreme, all-out, do-or-die


    the last chance saloon
    British informal
    • A difficult situation in which there is one final chance to put it right.

      • ‘he has put his job on the line and is drinking in the last chance saloon’
      • ‘the industry is in the last chance saloon and should face heavier regulation’