Meaning of latchico in English:


nounplural noun latchicos

informal, derogatory Irish
  • An uncouth or aggressive person, typically a man or boy, regarded as being of low social status.

    • ‘why do we give these latchicos any air time at all?’
    • ‘The whole thing took a toll on the father's health, fending off latchicos the son was in debt to.’
    • ‘I was thinking, "He's going to call this off. This will be abandoned because of a shower of latchicos."’
    • ‘He had to laugh at these well-paid latchicos as most of them know precious little about what they are talking about.’
    • ‘Sometimes, even when I hold out my hand for the conventional handshake, some latchico will twist it up into the silly one.’
    • ‘When asked if he had to go, Adams said that there was no point as he would simply be replaced by "some other latchico".’


1940s probably from Scottish latch ‘laziness, a lazy person’, from Old French laschier ‘to relax’.