Meaning of lateness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈleɪtnəs/

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mass noun
  • 1The fact or quality of happening or arriving after the expected or usual time; unpunctuality.

    ‘she wouldn't tolerate lateness in her class’
    • ‘I had announced myself alongside an apology for my lateness.’
    • ‘Throughout the day, Grant rode through his command rallying the force in spite of the lateness of reinforcements.’
    • ‘He made no calls to inform the congregation of his impending lateness.’
    • ‘He unlocked the door, apologizing over his shoulder for the lateness of the receptionist, who typically opened the office.’
    • ‘City of York councillors claimed its lateness was seriously delaying protection of the city.’
    • ‘He believes the more sensitive approach to lateness may have a long-term impact on attendance.’
    • ‘Apparently admonition about his lateness has no effect upon her.’
    • ‘They could impose penalties for lateness, improper hairstyles, or untidiness.’
    • ‘The situation arose from the lateness of his instructions for which his clients must accept responsibility.’
    • ‘This hectic pace at which we all apparently live leaves little room for lateness.’
    • ‘During the flight the production manager spoke of how he had had to discipline one of his staff for lateness.’
    • ‘Lateness or non-attendance inconveniences other patients, depriving them of appointment time.’
    • ‘We know there was large scale absenteeism and lateness.’
    • ‘Shortly before the second world war began, Renault sacked him for lateness.’
    • ‘But he has issued an open letter to parents which takes the extraordinary step of condoning occasional lateness.’
    • ‘Please ensure you return promptly as lateness will incur extra charges.’
    • ‘However, if there is no good reason for the lateness, you should start your disciplinary procedure.’
    • ‘Tighter controls are being enforced at a York school in an effort to crack down on truancy and lateness.’
    • ‘He was often late for school himself and attributed much of that lateness to his own household and childcare responsibilities.’
    • ‘For minor and isolated cases of misconduct, such as lateness for duty, informal disciplinary action involving a verbal or written warning may be taken.’
    unpunctuality, tardiness, belatedness, delay, retardation, dilatoriness
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  • 2The fact of being far on in the day or night.

    ‘she noticed the lateness of the hour’
    • ‘The only problem in trying to photograph them was the lateness of the hour.’
    • ‘Emily looked about, just noticing the lateness of the day.’
    • ‘Actually, given the appalling lateness of the hour, there isn't really any alternative.’
    • ‘Despite the lateness of the hour, everybody was still in good spirits.’
    • ‘The lateness of the hour precluded the finding of further volunteers for an identification parade.’
    • ‘Deferring to the lateness of the hour, Catherine deemed it wise to wait till morning to summon Miss Bennet.’
    • ‘Leave was refused on the first and third grounds with reasons to be given later in view of the lateness of the hour.’
    • ‘Mr. Willoughby and I talked animatedly together, not noticing the lateness of the hour or our increasing drunkenness.’
    • ‘The dusk and lateness were coming on him, and no stop did he make until he reached the side of the green wood.’
    • ‘Because of the lateness, we didn't want to climb too far and encounter rattlesnakes.’
    • ‘There was nobody there to welcome us, to berate us for the lateness of the hour, to force us to drink large amounts of water.’
    • ‘But they may be explainable for a more simple reason, other than the lateness of the hour.’
    • ‘The felicitations and good spirits lasted a while longer, until Mrs. Gardiner noted the lateness of the hour and suggested a return to the inn.’
    • ‘Elizabeth and William walked their horses over half the distance to Longbourn as the newness of their union left them euphoric and quite unconcerned about the lateness of the day.’
    • ‘She and Jane were then brought to their rooms in order to freshen up for dinner, which was a quiet affair given the lateness of the hour.’
    • ‘Because of the lateness of the hour at which the meeting ended the Committee was unable to decide on a suitable date when he should return to school.’
    • ‘We stayed for only a few minutes, conscious of the lateness of the hour, and took the obligatory photos of each other.’
    • ‘At length the lateness of the hour prevailed, and the Bennet family departed Netherfield, well content.’
    • ‘Balancing his cup in one hand, he reached for his pocket watch and checked the lateness of the hour, before replacing it thoughtfully.’
    • ‘Despite the lateness of the hour Annabel gathered her skirts and prepared to take a solitary ramble in the garden.’