Meaning of later in English:


Pronunciation /ˈleɪtə/

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comparative of late (adjective)


comparative of late (adverb)
  1. 1.1At a time in the near future; soon or afterwards.
    ‘I'll see you later’
    • ‘ later on it will be easier’
    subsequently, eventually, then, next, later on, after that, after this, afterwards, following that, following this, at a later time, at a later date, at a future date, at a future time, at some point in the future, in the future, in time to come, in due course
    afterwards, later on, after, after that, subsequently, following
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(also British laters)
  • Goodbye for the present; see you later.

    • ‘She sent two friends in her place to hand over a couple of envelopes - one with a letter saying that it's all over, cheers, laters, the other containing a birthday card.’
    • ‘I'm so excited about uploading pics - so excited that I'm gonna post and upload right now - laters.’
    • ‘‘Ah well, laters,’ he called as he walked off towards a group of people in the gallery.’
    farewell, adieu
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