Meaning of laterally in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlat(ə)r(ə)li/

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  • 1At, towards, or from the side or sides; sideways.

    ‘use slide steps to move laterally’
    • ‘most coral reefs have extended laterally rather than vertically’
    • ‘The war paintings, a couple of which were nearly 17 feet wide, expanded laterally like graffiti-covered walls.’
    • ‘Particles suspended in the cool layer cannot move anywhere except laterally, possibly for several miles.’
    • ‘At Stonehenge, 800,000 visitors are moved laterally within the circular path around the site.’
    • ‘The upper wheel slid laterally on an arched bar supporting its bearing.’
    • ‘Continue to jump laterally over the obstacle for the prescribed number of repititions.’
    • ‘Aircraft are separated laterally by 60 miles (or 1 degree of latitude).’
    • ‘The main menu runs laterally, all the others stack one option on top of another in a vertical list.’
    • ‘Inhale, prepare, exhale and laterally rotate your legs to the size of a large dinner plate 10 times.’
    • ‘"Find a way to move workers laterally to teach those lessons earlier in their career," he says.’
    • ‘He also noted scars medially and laterally.’
  • 2mainly British In a way that involves lateral thinking.

    ‘think laterally about new ways of using limited resources’
    • ‘Scenarios are pictures of the future to encourage us to think laterally.’
    • ‘He represents a generation of photographers brave enough to think laterally in a racially cluttered social environment.’
    • ‘Think laterally, think creatively, think how others would spell or term something.’
    • ‘All content owners have to do is think laterally about how to make good use of this concept to extend their existing revenue streams.’
    • ‘The logical way for an existing dairy to grow is to grow laterally--their growth plan calls for manufacturing products at its existing facilities and redistributing those products from its many distribution branches.’
    • ‘We need to think laterally here, we need to learn from the experience of other people in the area of difficult ethical issues.’
    • ‘This has enabled the designers to be far more adventurous with the level designs, and challenges you to think more laterally.’
    • ‘The alternative is that we think laterally, like the developers of the early net.’
    • ‘If you want things to happen then you've got to be proactive, use your initiative and think laterally.’
    • ‘Get students to think laterally early on and you will have given them an amazing lifelong gift.’