Meaning of Latin American in English:

Latin American

Pronunciation /ˌlatɪn əˈmɛrɪk(ə)n/

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  • Relating to or characteristic of Latin America or its inhabitants.

    ‘nine separate tales from within Latin American culture’
    • ‘The novels of the Latin American boom have many traits in common.’
    • ‘She is the curator of Latin American art at the museum.’
    • ‘A cold winter's day requires something dark and slow, whereas customers love Latin American when the sun comes out.’
    • ‘Her teaching and research interests include Latin American film-making and literature, on which she has published journal articles and book chapters.’
    • ‘The gallery exhibits both contemporary US and Latin American artists in a mix that depends on the venue.’
    • ‘As US and Latin American writers continue to express an interest in the topic of apocalypse, they register the ongoing hold of European traditions on the Americas.’
    • ‘One wonders what will this mean for the latest bright spark from the surging Latin American cinema.’
    • ‘This art fair is more local, primarily comprising US and Latin American participants.’
    • ‘The agency has been instructing its Latin American and Third World allies in these practices for decades.’
    • ‘Her book depicts the micro-cosmos of the Latin American Indians during the last three decades.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the region of Latin America.

    ‘the new location has helped attract many more Latin Americans’
    • ‘It tells the story of a Latin American who came to the United States during the Vietnam War.’
    • ‘His big plus is that there has never been a Latin American running the WTO.’
    • ‘My party of eight would be made up of six Canadians, a European, and a Latin American.’
    • ‘To a Latin American, it might mean coaxing life from marginal soil that becomes more degraded with every planting.’
    • ‘The struggle for human rights has been a long road for Latin Americans.’
    • ‘The manual lists some disorders specifically afflicting Latin Americans.’
    • ‘Salvadorans wear the same Western-style clothing worn by most Latin Americans who are not culturally Indian.’
    • ‘In the same year, seven million more Latin Americans joined the ranks of the absolutely poor.’
    • ‘Many Puerto Ricans have a unique tendency among Latin Americans to drop the's' sound in casual conversation.’
    • ‘The dozens of idealistic Latin Americans who had already died seeking to emulate his example became thousands over the next decade.’