Meaning of Latinization in English:


Pronunciation /latɪnʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


(also British Latinisation)

See Latinize

‘Not only are Hispanics transforming the United States in a process of Latinization, but also Latinos are being transformed by the United States in a process of Americanization.’
  • ‘We are going through a process of Latinization.’
  • ‘The fact that South Americans now do the work is part of a larger phenomenon, the Latinization of the American West.’
  • ‘His full name was Johannes Chrysostomos Wolfgang Theophilus, Amadeus being a Latinization of the Greek Theophilus; but he usually styled himself ‘Wolfgang Amadè Mozart’.’
  • ‘‘There's a Latinization of America but there's also an Americanization of Latinos,’ he says.’