Meaning of Latinizer in English:



(also British Latiniser)

See Latinize

‘Though Johnson is said to be the great Latinizer of English, English never did get Latinized.’
  • ‘And the Apostles Methodius and Cyril, Greeks by origin, but in communication with Rome, are claimed, wrongly, by the Latinisers as their own.’
  • ‘As for the Latinisers, a curse on them and their fruits - the ‘b’ in doubt and debt, the ‘s’ in island.’
  • ‘The same argument can be applied to those who oppose the Latin Mass, or to the Latinisers who oppose the full authentic Byzantine Liturgy with all its glorious ceremonial!’
  • ‘16th and 17th century scholars (the Latinisers) changed the spelling of many words to make words, as they thought, reveal their classical origin, but they made many mistakes.’