Meaning of laugh like a drain in English:

laugh like a drain


informal British
  • Laugh raucously.

    • ‘when I told her I fancied her, she laughed like a drain’
    • ‘I'm laughing like a drain even before he's delivered the punchlines.’
    • ‘If such infantile hyperbole doesn't have you laughing like a drain, you haven't a hope of wading through this somewhat too hefty book.’
    • ‘Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit but these had me and The Doctor laughing like a drain in bed last night.’
    • ‘It's so obvious and not even that original but somehow the joke had never occurred to me and I laughed like a drain.’
    • ‘My beloved is going to laugh like a drain when he reads that.’
    • ‘It'd make me laugh like a drain if I won, which probably isn't a very good recommendation.’
    • ‘Had I been there I would have laughed like a drain.’
    • ‘A friend of mine in her 50s who was active in the women's movement through the 70s laughed like a drain when I told her that.’
    • ‘He thought this was a very funny and laughed like a drain.’
    • ‘It will, however, almost certainly make you laugh like a drain several times.’
    chuckle, chortle, guffaw, giggle, titter, snigger, snicker, cackle, howl, roar, tee-hee, burst out laughing, hoot with laughter, roar with laughter, shake with laughter, be convulsed with laughter, dissolve into laughter, split one's sides, hold one's sides, be doubled up