Meaning of laugh line in English:

laugh line


  • 1(in a play or film) a line of dialogue intended to make the audience laugh.

    ‘he has a few good laugh lines at his own expense’
    • ‘She likes large gestures, preferably telegraphed in advance to cue the laugh lines.’
    • ‘I notice that nowadays in politics you've got to get your laugh line first.’
    • ‘Pity the poor candidates who believe they can get by on charisma, pandering, and laugh lines alone.’
    • ‘Deep down I know that my life is more substantial than one laugh line.’
    • ‘The movie never has much space to breathe, and there are only one or two real laugh lines in the entire film.’
  • 2A small wrinkle at the corner of the eye or mouth supposedly caused by laughing.

    ‘there were laugh lines crinkling around her sparkling eyes’
    • ‘His brow is uncreased by worry or doubt, and the only wrinkles he might acquire are laugh lines.’
    • ‘Two crystal-clear blue eyes surrounded by laugh lines stared back at her.’
    • ‘The chauffeur had wonderful laugh lines around her eyes.’
    • ‘Along with weird and wacky hairstyles and tattoos, players can now add everything from bags under the eyes to laugh lines.’
    • ‘Obsessed with eternal life and beauty, she goes beyond sticking to a low-carb diet and shooting Botox into her laugh lines.’