Meaning of laugh oneself silly in English:

laugh oneself silly


(also laugh oneself sick)
  • Laugh uncontrollably or for a long time.

    ‘the audience was laughing themselves silly’
    • ‘I can just imagine them laughing themselves sick as they made the burger.’
    • ‘Jon and I have been watching this show every week with splendid abandon, laughing ourselves silly at a safe distance.’
    • ‘Needless to say, we spent the afternoon laughing ourselves silly.’
    • ‘By now he was laughing himself silly on the other end.’
    • ‘He seemed to be laughing himself silly at some of the jokes at his expense, but it may be that he's a good enough actor to fake enjoyment.’
    • ‘When my vision finally cleared enough to get a good look at the culprit, I focused in on the store manager who was laughing herself silly.’
    • ‘I wouldn't say the crowd laughed themselves sick, but I was regretting not bringing the video camera for Kirsty's home videos.’
    • ‘All three nearly passed out as they laughed themselves sick.’
    • ‘I laughed myself silly over her tales of her domineering, movie star mother.’
    • ‘The author's name has caused untold hilarity among Britain's schoolboy humour forum, and I've laughed myself silly.’