Meaning of laugh up one's sleeve in English:

laugh up one's sleeve


  • Be secretly or inwardly amused.

    ‘he must have been laughing up at his sleeve all the time I was interviewing him’
    • ‘The woman at the kiosk, who in hindsight clearly didn't give a damn about the cinema ratings system let him through and must have been laughing up her sleeve at us.’
    • ‘And I am afraid I also must laugh up my sleeve at this poor reader.’
    • ‘His attack must have had the devil laughing up his sleeve.’
    • ‘You were laughing up your sleeve at me and all the other kids who you were putting through this Hell.’
    • ‘Some of my pals are starting to wonder if Mother Nature has been laughing up her sleeve at them all this time.’
    • ‘Deep down, we suspect those we grant our patronage to are secretly laughing up their sleeves at us even as we enrich them.’
    • ‘Little did I know at the time how my manager and new co-workers were laughing up their sleeves.’
    • ‘In any case, the counterrevolution will be a long one, affording us many, many opportunities to be outraged while laughing up our sleeves at the spectacle.’