Meaning of laughing gas in English:

laughing gas

Pronunciation /ˈlɑːfɪŋ ɡas/

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non-technical term for nitrous oxide
‘Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is replacing the After Eight as the post-dinner treat in some circles.’
  • ‘Can I bring a couple of friends along to your next laughing gas party?’
  • ‘We agreed that I would bring the clams and he would bring the laughing gas.’
  • ‘The Canadian researchers created the helium groupings so that each one was clustered around a molecule of nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas.’
  • ‘In chemicals, I like laughing gas, I dislike T.N.T.’
  • ‘A fuel tank about six feet in diameter at the center of the craft holds liquid nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.’
  • ‘She said it was like breathing laughing gas most the time.’
  • ‘The collisions of their world-views are the engine of the comedy, and the product is pure laughing gas, an unalloyed joy to read.’
  • ‘They were laughing hysterically and acting like they had probably breathed in laughing gas.’
  • ‘I suppose this proves what many Hollywood clubbers have known for years - that with a little latex and laughing gas, you can get to heaven.’
  • ‘I didn't know anybody used the stuff anymore, they may have stuck it back here years ago and just forgot about it, but it's what they call laughing gas.’
  • ‘Lyrically he's also on his usual form, armed with a boning knife and laughing gas (for his own use), he sets to the British psyche with customary aplomb.’
  • ‘The girl on laughing gas may not have been the most reliable source of information, but I have since always associated the restaurant with those after the good life, a life lived.’
  • ‘It was like they had been give some laughing gas or something.’
  • ‘I hope that will put some laughing gas into your system.’
  • ‘It was like using laughing gas at the dentist: I knew was terrified but I just couldn't really care.’
  • ‘Why not introduce shots of laughing gas or helium?’
  • ‘She looked like she was fed laughing gas involuntarily to the point where she couldn't be happier.’