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launch pad


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(also launching pad)
  • 1The area on which a rocket stands for launching, typically consisting of a platform with a supporting structure.

    ‘The camera will be turned on fifteen minutes prior to launch and will show the orbiter and solid rocket boosters on the launch pad.’
    • ‘What is an astronaut feeling as he's sitting on the rocket launch pad strapped into his pod at the brink of takeoff?’
    • ‘These use a 1: 20 scale model of Vega and its launch pad to simulate conditions at liftoff.’
    • ‘They used this area as a launch pad to attack the coalition forces.’
    • ‘However, skies cleared enough for observers at the launch pad to follow the rocket on its long trajectory.’
    • ‘Researchers studied the medical records of 1,000 children in areas close to the launch pad.’
    • ‘The space shuttle sits on a launch pad at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.’
    • ‘Among the work outstanding is the preparation of the launch pad and the building of storage facilities.’
    • ‘As a result, activity on the launch pad was suspended prior to the startup of the third stage fueling.’
    • ‘When one sees the Space Shuttle sitting on its launch pad one notes the two big booster rockets attached to its sides.’
    • ‘And like jets, the next generation of space vehicles might take off from a runway rather than a launch pad.’
    • ‘Nasa decided to leave space shuttle Discovery on its launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida.’
    • ‘It had to be able to withstand a gigantic nearby explosion in case one of the rockets exploded on or near the launch pad.’
    • ‘It proved the launch pad for a career that has been rocketing ever since.’
    • ‘It's a photo of the space shuttle Columbia on the launch pad, before the first-ever shuttle takeoff 22 years ago.’
    • ‘The latter shoots passengers 160 feet in the air with a force of 4Gs before free-falling back to the launch pad.’
    • ‘In 1967, three US Astronauts died in a launch pad fire at the Kennedy Space Centre.’
    • ‘Plus it's going to be a launch pad and a ‘cost-effective promotional tool’.’
    • ‘Digital is the launch pad for all advanced interactive services.’
    • ‘The studios have always approached Cannes warily, eager to use it as a PR launch pad for their prestige pictures.’
    1. 1.1Something that sets a particular activity, enterprise, etc. in motion.
      • ‘it's one of those shows that has been the launch pad for many great careers’