Meaning of launcher in English:


Pronunciation /ˈlɔːn(t)ʃə/

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  • 1A structure that holds a rocket or missile, typically one used as a weapon, during launching.

    ‘a rocket launcher’
    • ‘a grenade launcher’
    • ‘As the beam bit into the front of the missile launcher, the protons shed their immense kinetic energy in the form of infrared radiation.’
    • ‘The protesting workers used tanks, armoured cars, and missile launchers to seal the entrance, creating a gridlock along a nearby highway.’
    • ‘The United States developed a multitude of delivery systems, ranging from multiple rocket launchers to missiles.’
    • ‘Six kinds of weapon have been found on the ship so far, including antiaircraft missile launchers and antitank rocket guns.’
    • ‘They aimed their missile launchers at the portal to destroy it, but I had to object.’
    • ‘A marine can wield a flamethrower to improve close combat effectiveness or a missile launcher to take down buildings.’
    • ‘The aircraft has seven wing-mounted weapon stations, including missile launchers for short-range air-to-air missiles.’
    • ‘The helicopter can be fitted with gun pods, rocket launchers and air-to-air missiles attached to two removable weapons sponsons.’
    • ‘The front launcher was recently changed from a missile launcher to a twin laser cannon.’
    • ‘These sleek designs - which range from missiles to space launchers - have been tested in wind tunnels and in computer simulations.’
    • ‘She wore the same traditional dress as her daughters, but unlike them carried a shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile launcher.’
    • ‘After firing the launcher is reloaded in under four minutes.’
    • ‘In addition to that at the same time, we found eight more mobile erector launchers in the same location.’
    • ‘The projectile launcher fired bomblets that would stun anyone within twenty or thirty meters of the point of impact.’
    • ‘There were four guns and four torpedo launchers on the cruiser, going around the dome.’
    • ‘A special vehicle has been developed, armed with a machine gun and multiple tear gas launchers.’
    • ‘Reloading the launcher with a second set of 16 rockets takes up to 20 minutes.’
    • ‘The only goal of the air force afterward was to search and find the portable launcher.’
    • ‘Is it more economical and practical to have reusable launchers or low-cost expendable launchers?’
    • ‘The computer aims the launcher and prompts the crew to arm and fire a pre-selected number of rounds.’
    1. 1.1A rocket that is used to convey a satellite or spacecraft into orbit.
      ‘Increasingly, both the United States and the Soviet Union made improvements to their missiles that made them capable satellite and space capsule launchers.’
      • ‘Envisat, with its mass of 8 tonnes, will be the heaviest satellite ever to be put into orbit by an Ariane launcher.’
      • ‘Rocketry engineers will design launchers and spacecraft aimed at making space travel inexpensive and routine.’
      • ‘Once the launcher reaches geo-stationary orbit, Sloshsat will be ejected from the craft and the experiments will begin once it has made contact with the ground crew.’
      • ‘After climbing into space on a single launcher, the satellites will adopt orbits passing over the Earth's poles.’
      • ‘Early this morning an Ariane 4 launcher successfully placed into orbit another satellite for Eutelsat.’
      • ‘Satellite launchers can be taxed for cleanup, kind of like a bottle deposit.’
      • ‘This is only possible because we have the launchers capable of placing satellites accurately into space.’
      • ‘Unreliable launchers and passenger carrier spacecraft are more likely to be lost.’
      • ‘This will be the first time that an Ariane 5 launcher places a satellite in sun-synchronous orbit.’
      • ‘This was followed by a simulated separation of the spacecraft from the launcher.’
      • ‘Below are the satellite launchers that have gone up a hundred or more times, and the percentage of those launches that failed.’
      • ‘Instead, we need to develop a new generation of launch systems where the launcher remains on the ground so the spacecraft is almost all payload, not propellant.’
      • ‘It will serve as the main launcher for Russian military satellites.’
      • ‘On board the launcher will be not one spacecraft, but two.’
      • ‘On board is an Intelsat satellite, the 19th to be placed in orbit for the company by an Ariane launcher.’
      • ‘This meant that it must develop launchers and have its own spaceport.’
      • ‘It should be noted, though, that these powerful launchers also expand Chinese capabilities to launch heavier military satellites.’
      • ‘The launcher campaign is well underway at the European Spaceport in Kourou.’
      • ‘Thereafter, satellite producers could contract directly with launcher providers to deliver payloads to space.’