Meaning of launderer in English:



See launder

‘When last have officers of any branch of the protective services infiltrated the ranks of drug dealers, money launderers, and provided intelligence that led to major arrests?’
  • ‘Definitely, these washerfolk-dependent commercial launderers, including those who extend their service to a handful of hotels, cannot ask for more.’
  • ‘The information will be passed to the police or investigating authorities as long as it is used for prevention and detection of money launderers and terrorist financiers.’
  • ‘In the 1980's, the Bahamian banks were the biggest launderers of narco-dollars.’
  • ‘The 38-year-old launderer said the poet made sure that even a person who could not read and write could understand what he had written.’



/ˈlɔːnd(ə)rə/ /ˈlɑːnd(ə)rə/