Meaning of laundry list in English:

laundry list



  • A long or exhaustive list of people or things.

    ‘ a laundry list of people and organizations that would have to be won over’
    • ‘I've got a laundry list for the entertainment industry.’
    • ‘And that's what distinguishes an inspiring political vision from a laundry list of policies and four-point plans.’
    • ‘I could provide a laundry list of what the post isn't.’
    • ‘Basically the letter is a laundry list of requests for aid and assistance from the federal government, invoking various laws, and so forth.’
    • ‘It's really just a laundry list of left-leaning articles that, in the opinion of the organizers, haven't received enough attention.’
    • ‘Both feature a laundry list of London gangster characters.’
    • ‘A veritable laundry list - no, a haiku - of the modern tabloid news story.’
    • ‘Last night we heard a laundry list of new promises which I thought was an attempt to cover up old failures.’
    • ‘I've been given a laundry list of nick names in my life - Jolly Green Giant, Spiderlegs, Amazon.’
    • ‘When they decided it was a whole laundry list of phenomena that were very prosaic, they sort of dropped their investigation.’
    • ‘It's also why most commentary about the region, from both perspectives, is so empty, a laundry list of ad hominems.’
    • ‘Just look at the unimaginative laundry list we're being presented with.’
    • ‘There are so many instances, and I catalogued them, and I really didn't try to make the entire laundry list.’
    • ‘This consists of a laundry list of arguments that anyone who has followed this dispute for any period of time has heard over and over again.’
    • ‘Hence, it becomes a laundry list of programs, not a coherent narrative.’
    • ‘Over a plate of enchiladas, the couple discuss a laundry list of problems with Democratic Party.’
    • ‘We can no longer afford to allow the laundry list of liberal ‘isms’ to divide our world.’
    • ‘I still hold a grudge against him and he has only added a laundry list of offenses to the grudge sheet in the ensuing years.’
    • ‘The approbation is precise, based not on a laundry list of issues, but on a shared concept of the state.’
    • ‘I did not go in to present the president with any kind of detailed kind of requests or a laundry list of things.’