Meaning of law enforcement in English:

law enforcement

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mass noun
  • The action or activity of compelling observance of or compliance with the law.

    ‘he retired from a career in law enforcement’
    • ‘the need for better protection and law enforcement’
    • ‘local law enforcement officials’
    • ‘He likes the freewheeling atmosphere and the fact that people aren't intimidated by law enforcement agencies.’
    • ‘At 8.16 pm law enforcement officials reported a tornado moving northeast at 15 mph.’
    • ‘Low retail prices promote pesticide use but weak legislation and inadequate law enforcement fail to control risks.’
    • ‘We are committed to partnering with law enforcement to combat the growing drug problem in our rural communities.’
    • ‘For most of the movie they are working on the same side, but the cop is using law enforcement procedure, and Angelo is using vigilante techniques.’
    • ‘As arrangements were made for a funeral and burial, local law enforcement investigated the case.’
    • ‘He wants to use all the technology at the disposal of local law enforcement to track this fiend.’
    • ‘It was about the law enforcement community coming together with one goal and one goal only: to identify and apprehend the criminal.’
    • ‘It's trying at times, almost suffocating, but I appreciate what our security staff and law enforcement do for us.’
    • ‘Some people cooperated with law enforcement in exposing the attack.’