Meaning of law lord in English:

law lord

Pronunciation /ˈlɔː lɔːd/


  • (in the UK) a member of the House of Lords appointed to perform its legal work. In 2009 the judicial functions of the House of Lords were transferred to the new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

    ‘The warning of growing unrest among judges about their involvement came yesterday from a former law lord.’
    • ‘During last night's debate the former law lord warned: ‘The lord chancellor should be in the cabinet, we get rid of that at our peril.’’
    • ‘A senior law lord was the sole dissenter.’
    • ‘But this senior law lord is not one of the usual people.’
    • ‘These are to include, for the senior judiciary, a law lord.’
    • ‘A senior law lord said there was no convincing evidence that legal aid would be available in South Africa.’
    • ‘The leading law lord warning he is considering legal action on the matter.’
    • ‘He was a law lord then, one of the 12 judges in the House of Lords.’
    • ‘He became a law lord in 1997 and became a member of the House of Lords.’
    • ‘The former law lord said ‘one or two’ other judges had said ‘well done’ after he had aired those views.’
    • ‘I say this not to be pedantic but to lament that even a learned law lord, in an otherwise excellent article, could make the same mistake, when he says.’
    • ‘Now we are expected to believe that the cause of open government is being promoted by an unaccountable law lord sitting in judgement on an elected government.’
    • ‘There is something deeply disturbing about the fact that the opinion of a law lord can be taken as some kind of holy truth, and used to censure a news organisation in such a way.’
    • ‘In this searing indictment, he argues that the law lord's findings clearly contradict the evidence he heard.’
    • ‘One law lord, referring to the police's reassuring uniform, said: ‘If we lose the woolly jumpers, we're leaving court.’’
    • ‘But by Tuesday evening the first editions of yesterday's tabloids contained what proved to be a remarkably accurate precis of the former law lord's conclusions.’
    judge, magistrate, Her Honour, His Honour, Your Honour