Meaning of law term in English:

law term


  • A period appointed for the sitting of law courts.

    ‘However, the court lists are crowded for the period between now and the end of the present law term, July 31, and a judge may not be free.’
    • ‘Once again, the Chief Justice used the annual platform of the start of the law term to address the highest judicial and national concerns.’
    • ‘The case will now be put on a cause list and for a new trial date, which is expected to be in the new law term.’
    • ‘He referred to his many addresses he delivered during the law term opening of the years in question, and he invited the group to review and examine his statements.’
    • ‘At Tyburn there were about 140 such executions every year, taking place in grisly clusters during the four law terms when the courts were sitting.’